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The unknown museums 

Thousands of heritage treasures, hidden out of sight in hundreds of small museums and exhibitions, which hold within them stories and memories that have molded our lives.
The Eretz Hefetz project will create  a central portal for these museums and collections, making the information and knowledge they hold accessible to the public at large.
The project will provide tools for the recording and preserving the information that will ensure the preservation of heritage treasures for this and future generations.


About the Project

Thousands of people in Israel have a deep interest in their heritage. Heritage forms an important part of a person’s life. In the course of daily life, family events and personal identity are interwoven with communal and national identities, and local and national history are bound up with each other.

“Heritage treasures,” testimonies, and memories that have played a significant part in our lives lay hidden and forgotten in hundreds of small and museums and exhibitions that are not recognized by the Museums Law – 1983.

The Eretz Hefetz project is establishing a central portal to handle portable heritage property that is housed in these unrecognized museums. The portal will reveal to the general public both the basic information about these collections and the heritage treasures that they harbor. The portal will provide tools and training to enable and promote systematic and orderly recording in accordance with professional standards. In addition it will aid in the preservation and presentation of heritage treasures.

The portal will connect the information and publicize it, opening up stories about the objects and experiences involved with them. It will initiate network exhibitions and maintain active communications among the public interested in preserving its heritage.

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